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Recognizing Water Heater Problems · Too little hot water. A water tank that produces too little hot water is one of the many common water heater problems you may. PROBLEM, POSSIBLE CAUSE(S), CORRECTIVE ACTION. NO HOT WATER. Upper thermostat; Elements; No power to heater; High Temperature Limit Switch open. Common Water Heater Issues & How to Fix Them · Water Heater is Leaking · Water Doesn't Get Hot Enough or Runs Out Quickly · No Hot Water at All · Water is Too Hot.

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November 23, Whether renting or owning a home, · Not Enough Hot Water · Smelly or Dirty Water · Unusual Noise Coming from the · Water Heater Leaking. Common Water Heater Problems · Observable leaking water around the heater · Increasingly lukewarm or even cold water · Sulfur or rotten eggs smell · Rusty water at. Hunt's Services is a fully licensed and insured plumbing company servicing water heaters repair in Tacoma WA, Federal Way WA and the surrounding areas.

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Loose fittings; Cracked or leaking drain valves; Malfunctioning pressure valves. Other problems may cause a water heater to leak, as well. Water heater problems are also often associated with higher utility bills, as your water heater struggles to create the hot water you want while suffering. Why Choose Enercare For Water Heater Repair · A fixed price quote upfront, including all parts and labour — no hidden charges · A 1-year parts and a day labour.