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Sore Throat Remedies · Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and to keep mucous thin and easy to clear · Wash hands with warm soapy water and use alcohol hand. Sore throat remedies and medicines · Keeping hydrated with lots of fluids, preferably water · Plenty of rest, such as taking them out of school or nursery · Cool. If so, she definitely knew her stuff! Gargling with warm salt water actually helps break down mucus, reduce swelling and soothe irritation in your throat. All.

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What to Do · sip warm liquids · eat cold or frozen liquids (such as ice pops) · gargle with saltwater · suck on hard candy or throat lozenges (for kids age 4 or. How to Feel Better · Suck on ice chips, popsicles, or lozenges (do not give lozenges to children younger than 2 years). · Use a clean humidifier or cool mist. You can soothe a sore throat as follows: · Drink liquids, at least 64 ounces (8 cups or 2 liters) per day to stay hydrated, to thin mucus, and to keep your.

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Home Remedies for Sore Throat for Adults. Soup broth - traditional soups might be hard on a sore throat, but a warm (not hot) broth can soothe the throat and go. Sore throat natural and home remedies such as frozen foods, chicken soup, Throat Coat tea, raw garlic, and essential oils can help soothe sore throat pain. Choose teas that soothe the throat and boost the immune system, such as licorice root, peppermint, ginger, or marshmallow root. Lemon water can be another.